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What’s with Chief lately? & Monday Link-up

April 18, 2010

What UP homies? <—I sound hip there don’t I? (not really)

So I am gonna indulge myself here a bit because, let’s face it… it’s my site (or half of it is) and I can do what I want (as long as Kim says it’s OK)… for those of you who read my post on my home blog yesterday, you are excused after you LINK UP WITH MR. LINKY BELOW as you may feel like a bit of a Deja Vu moment…

I started a business of sorts and I am so bedongled about it I can’t hold still enough to type it out and I need everyone to go over and check it out for me!  It’s free, it’s a blast, and it’s perfect for those of you who can’t seem to get enough of me!<—not a good selling point…

Maybe you have seen this logo out there in the blogosphere lately…Maybe you haven’t but now you have so let me tell you how it has anything to do with the ridiculous ramblings that have so far plagued this post…

I NEED SUBSCRIBERS!  I write a weekly newsletter with great parenting tips, book reviews, movie reviews, recipes, crafts and activities for families and I want EVERYONE TO join me!  Just click the BIG OL’ LOGO above and it will take you right there like the DeLorean in Back to the Future!

Go ahead, click it and take a ride over to my place!

Then click “subscribe” on my sidebar and every week you will get a little bit of Chief directly in your inbox! CAN YOU IMAGINE IT?  Phew!  Who knew life could be so good? (snarky)

Right now I am giving away a $25 gift card to the restaurant of your choice just for referring your friends!  Soon, I will have fun giveaways and free loot for everyone!  So go over and check it out, for the first 10 subscribers, I have 1 million fake Mexican Pesos… snort.

On a side note: If you have a business and want to feature something in my newsletter, email me and I would love to do an article and a giveaway to help promote your business as well!

K… so now that I’m done pimping my page out.. let me tell you something else for those who are looking for a fun job they can do and still be involved with their kids.  I work full time and I have taken this on as a hobby of sorts so here’s the short version of what the whole thing is about…

I am a Macaroni Publishing Mom!  I get to publish a local online newsletter for my community.  I am part of an international company “Macaroni Kid”, and I make money through advertising and free perqs!  All I have to do is know about the fun activities and events going on in my area and post about them on my site!  I have local advertisers offering me free perqs in return for shout outs and my family enjoys the great new activities that we are involved in since I began this adventure 6 weeks ago!

I would love to tell you more about it!  Email me if your interested.

Love and all things gooey… Chief


WE NEED GUEST BLOGGERS here on We Believe!  If you are interested let us know!  If no one volunteers, I may just have to keep pimping myself out each week and I don’t know how much more y’all can take of this!

Now I want to know a little more about you! So link up with your favorite post! Oh! and don’t forget to make sure your blog is adorned with one of our lovely buttons! This is all we ask to be a member of the greatest directory in the LAND (((echo, echo, echo)))

5 Comments leave one →
  1. April 19, 2010 4:27 am

    Signed up for the newsetter. Good luck!

    • Chief permalink
      April 19, 2010 5:36 am

      Great! Thanks! WAHOOOOO!

  2. April 19, 2010 9:34 am

    I’ll be sure to sign up for the newsletter. I’m quite curious about this Macaroni kid stuff, might have to e-mail you to get the full scoop.

  3. April 25, 2010 12:04 pm

    Hey! Let me know ifyou need a guest blogger…i can fill in! lol.

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