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Who We Are

Behind every genius idea there is bound to be a genius or two… sadly this is not the case with We Believe Blogs. It’s true. We Believe Blogs was co-founded by Chief of (Hiding from the kids) and Kimi or So Many Kids, So Little Time.

About Chief
I’m a fairly no nonsense working mom of 3 boys ages 47, 13 and 9. I don’t tout myself as a great writer, I overuse punctuation with a particular emphasis on (parentheses) and commas. I’ve always felt that when in doubt, add punctuation. I blog because it is the safest way for me to communicate without offending others. Verbally, I have no working filter. I go crazy for comments and I love meeting new bloggers. E-mail me anytime at hidingfromthekids AT live DOT com


About Kimi
I have been spontaneous exactly one time in my entire life. After dating for two weeks, Mark and I eloped. And suddenly we were the biggest family on the block. We have three kids full time and five more part time. We have been married almost three years and he is still putting up with me 🙂 Feel free to email me at kimkayjohnsonATgmailDOTcom

Should you have questions or comments for the We Believe Staff, feel free to email us at

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