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Blog List – Alphabetical

For a listings of all sites below organized based on content rating, please see our blog by rating page.


* A Day in the Life
– Parenting, relationships, random life stuff….all wrapped up in writing… fun, plenty of sarcasm, and some very honest reflections on life!
Rated: PG

* A Life So Lovely
– Just a nurse turned SAHM stumbling my way through life.
Rated: PG

* Adventures in Extreme Parenting
-“A wanna-be domestic superhero raising 2 boys with severe autism while living to laugh and blog about it”

* aDvenTUres of A wANna Be sUpAHMommy
-Just a wannabe SUPAH mommy trying to do it all and often failing to the tunes of much laughter. With three girls in tow there’s bound to be stories to tell and I can tell a story. πŸ˜‰
I was raised Catholic, have no current religious affiliation but believe that something awesome created my beautiful girls.. what else could explain such a miracle. My blog is rated R for language. Otherwise my topics are not off color per say. I just can drop an eff bomb like a sailor.
Rated: R

* Adoption of Jane Ug-Lbc
-Ugandan Born, Raised in the US… Adopted by a Caucasian Family and Reunited with my Original Family… Two Families from vastly different cultures, Supa Dupa Reality Show Watcher, and a Single Parent of Four…the youngest mildly Autistic, This is My world!!
Rated: PG-13

* All You Need Is Love
– A place to show off my family as well as a way for me to express my passions and creations. Sometimes my blog is a place for me to vent. I try to keep it a family friendly place, but sometimes I have one of those days and you never know what’s going to come out.
Rated: PG

*Amber’s Life
-fun stories and things from my life
Rated: G

* Amy’s Assorted Adventures
-The story of my life in Africa as I run an orphanage and cope with everything from spiders to witchdoctors to hazardous travel to life and death.
Rated: PG

* Angel Believes
– I am nothing if not brutally honest. I love to laugh , have a good time, but I also know how it is to deal with people on a day to day basis. As a mom to 3 boys, one of which is bipolar I have found myself lost in the grace and peace of God on many days. I don’t get it right all the time, period, I still scream and cry and have the inevitable temper fit when it seems life itself is out to get me. But I have found that love is the answer to everything. Everyone needs love to survive, it is the very life force that keeps us going. So I will cover nearly everything, and I will get historical, biblical and sometimes just plain momical. But you will always find my door open, my ear open and my shoulder willing. Oh yeah and coffee, life begins with coffee lol.
Rated: PG-13

* Apple Juice and Milk
– Apple Juice and Milk isn’t your average “mommy blog”. Although it began the way, I realized that life isn’t a big bowl of cherries-even when you have a happy, bouncy little toddler. I feature everything from crazy In-Laws, to delicious recipes. You won’t find normal here.
Rated: PG-13


* Bargains for Mummy
– Latest sales, offers, promotions from WAHMs to the public
Rated: G
* Bethany Anna: New Heart/New Life
– Twenty-five year old wife, mother, and English teacher taking a year off following a heart transplant this past October. Living the good life in the Yellowhammer State, home of Mardi Gras and the Crimson Tide.
Rated: G

-I’m a first time mom. I’m very nervous about having a baby, and this is a blog about my experiences as I discover motherhood.
Rated: PG-13

* Blok Thoughts
– Just a blog about a Mom who likes to share her opinions and stories and meet friends. Well I attempt to be humorous, ATTEMPT being the key word there!
Rated: PG

* Brighton Plumber
– Brighton Plumber, When in need of a local plumber in the Brighton area (East Sussex) then please visit for a recommended Brighton Plumber.
Rated: G

* Buckets of Walnuts
-My husband’s original blog which I promptly took over because he never writes anything interesting. Full of stories about my crazy teenagers, my extended family who doesn’t like me, travel adventures, an occasional cat story, and plenty of sarcasm. Rated PG for those inappropriate things that “teenagers” sometimes say, you know.
Rated: PG


* Confessions of a Housewife
– Stay at Home Mom enjoying my 3 kids, my husband & being a military wife & blogging about it all
Rated: G

* Confessions of a Semi-Slacker Mom
– The crazy adventures & drama-filled days of a well-medicated SAHM of 3 small children.
Rated: PG-13

* Confessions of a somewhat confused Scot
– A blog about whatever happens to be going on in my life.

* Colloquium
– Colloquium is about life, death and everything that happens between — life’s complications, relationships, writing, and blogging.
Rated: G


* Daily Dribbles
-A blog showcasing my daily struggle to be the best career-woman/mom/wife that I can be. Humor and sarcasm abound. Rated PG-13 for some mild language.
Rated: PG-13

* Day to Day
– I’m trying to have something different every day, Monday madness about things that are happening that are just crazy, Memoir Monday ,Post It Note Tuesday, Trivia Tuesday, Tuesday Tricks, Tuesday Treats, Wednesday Wishes, ‘I hate’ Wednesdays, TMI Thursday, Thursday Thoughts at Random, Foolish Friday, Fiction Friday, Fantasy Friday, Sexy Saturday, Sarcasm Saturday,
Etc Saturday, Stealing Sunday, Second Hand Sunday,Silent Sunday.
And there may be others. I’m still working on it.
Rated: PG for some language (that kids could probably teach me about anyway)

* Day 2 Day Living
– Just ramblings, reviews, and complaints about day 2 day living!
Rated: PG-13

* Diary of a Mad Bathroom
-I’m a working mom with a hubs and two kids who is trying to hold it all together as my kids argue with each other and my son’s pop punk band practices in the den. We’re not the Osbornes, but we’re not Ozzie and Harriet either.


* Embracing My Blessings
-A place where I talk about my everyday faith, my family and all my projects.
Rated: G

* Emmy Mom-One Day at a Time
– This blog is my chance to reflect about life’s journey as a mom, a wife, an wanna be photographer, a friend and a daughter of God making it One Day at a Time. Sometimes life is funny, sometimes life is sad.. but it is life and it is real.
Rated: PG

* Every Day In Gray
– My blog is an emotional overflow of the crazy journey I have and continue to take through life! I’m a pretty positive inspiring happy go lucky kinda girl most days – but you will see the occasional VENT! ha ha
Rated: PG


*Family Game Night Planning
-Blog centered on the belief that the family is important especially in this sagging economy. Gives tips on board games, snack ideas and how and when to plan. Also gives shopping discount ideas.
Rated: G

*Fanning Flashes
– Fanning Flashes is a light look at motherhood, hot flashes and everyday life. My hope is that Fanning Flashes will entertain, encourage and motivate while providing a creative fix for this frustrated journalist who took a different path.God Bless!
Rated: PG

* Fighting Off Frumpy
– A humorous look at one mom’s observations of life with young kids – and her ongoing struggle to fight off the frightening advance of motherhood-induced frumpiness.
Rated: PG-13

* From Tracie
-Stuff…..from Tracie πŸ˜‰
Rated: R


* Girls and Sunflowers
– A day in the life of a stay at home mom to five lovely daughters!
Rated: G

* Glamazon, the Mormon Mom
– I think I’m hilarious-adventures of a near shut-in-mama, who thinks she should be a writer/actress/singer…hahaha. Just trying to get through the days, and see the humor πŸ™‚
Rated: PG

* Green Monkey Tales
– A humorous look at life through the eyes of a creatively driven woman. Entertaining and Uplifting!
Rated: Pg-13


* Headaches, Hormones and Hot Flashes

– Exploring life after ovaries but before depends and dentures.

Rated: PG-13

* Hiccups in Time

– It’s the blog of a mom to three and military spouse of 19+ years. Filled with a mish mash of things, it reflects her interests (writing, photography, the interest du jour), as well as musings about her kids, her husband of almost 20 years, surviving deployment, and life in general.

Rated: PG

* (Hiding from the Kids)
-A crazy Mormon mom’s world inside (parentheses) and “quotation marks” PG 13Β  for mild potty mouth
Rated: PG-13

* Hillbilly Duhn’s Times & Tribulations
– Anything from writing, poetry, what’s on my mind. I’m pretty random. I share stories about my kids and my hubs and the times and tribulations of my daily life.
Rated: PG-13

* Home is Where…
– I am a (full time) working mother of two. I write about my life which can be rightside up one minute and upside down the next. Who’s life with kids isn’t like that? This is just my story…..
Rated: PG-13


* I Like to Fish…
-A blog about the life of a fun loving fatty, with a special segment that I want you all to join, called Memoir Mondays.
Come follow me! I promise really well spiked Koo-Aid!
Rated: R

* I’m Not Supermom!
-Just the normal every day chaos of a mom with one to many hats, trying to raise, 4 kids and a husband!
Rated: PG

* In the Trenches of Mommyhood
– I had a mind once. Now I have children.

* It’s Kerry’s World
– Just another Mommy blog about Multitasking with my 3 Little Men, a Hubby in the military, our dog Chip and oh yea, ME!
Rated: PG

* In the Wings
– My little corner of the Internet world, we’re preparing to move out of the South for the first time in a cumulative 35 years! We’re southerners through & through. I’m on a spiritual journey right now & we’re on a parenthood journey! We hope to start our next year.
Rated: G

* I’ve Been Thinking
– I’m a first time mom striving to be one of those super moms. (I also have my Bibs Diapers and Poo blog at wordpress)
Rated: PG-13


* J Me
– I muse about life as a mormon, a new mother, and a girl who still thinks she’s 17.
Rated: PG

* Jess Mise Placed
– Trying on recipes from a new perspective. Critiques (and improvements) on the traditional magazine fare as well as the unusual culinary dish made family friendly.
A chef and baker with a sense of humor and wild curiosity. Mother of two teens who will try anything at least once.
Rated: PG

*Jumping Waves
-A blog written by a mom raising a child with special needs directed to encourage and support other parents raising children with special needs.

Rated: PG
* Just Another Manic Mommy
– A 20-something mommy facing the world as a young mom of a preschooler – working outside of the home but trying hard to be a WAHM. Here you will find Vlog posts, Giveaways, Reviews, humor, and quirkiness! Please c’mon by!
Rated: G

* Just get on with it already
-Its just my contribution to the blog world, its about my life, love, anything I think is interesting, and then some other stuff that probabloy isn’t as interesting. Sometimes I write about different topics that hit the media and other times I just rant about my life. Enjoy!
Rated: PG


* Katies Dailies
-Family blog. I write about what we get into, our adventures in NW Arkansas. I also write about my love of running and how it keeps me sane. Come along for the fun!
Rated: PG

– It’s a normal blog about my life, my family and things that make me scream,laugh and cry. I also throw in reviews and giveaways sometimes.
Rated: PG


* La Fin DuMond Farm
Mother of two freakishly entertaining teens, three dogs, four cats, and several goats. Chef, Baker, wife, writer and possibly the first horseman, woman, of the apocalypse; according to the kids.
Being a mother is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum; thus I write.
Rated: PG-13

*La Vita E Bella
-The journey of a single mother of two. I curse like a sailor, but I’m fun!! πŸ™‚
Rated: R

* Lessons Learned
– I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a blogger!! The titles are in no particular order, though. I started my blog to pass on the humorous lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn in life. I hope that everyone stops by and has a laugh!
Rated: PG-13

* Letters from Crazyville
Letter’s and semi-lucid thoughts for my children so they will remember the mom I was before I lost my mind. So here there will be a bit of whining,occasional complaining, maybe some juicy gossip but an all around good time laughing at the wild ride I am on.
Rated: PG-13

* Letters from Valentine
-my sister (demosthenes) and i (valentine) write humorous letters to various types of people.
Rated: PG-13

* Life… As Written By Jess
-This is just another blog… that’s written by another mom. Who’s constantly busy but blogs because it’s a great stress reliever. Filled with adventures in work, parenting, marriage, and life. Because let’s face it… there’s always an adventure to be had!
Rated: G

* Life, Music and Laughter
– This blog’s about fun, family, relationships, teens, and everything in between. It’s my life, and the music that fills it…my life music, & laughter.
Rated: PG-13

* living my life, whatever
-Thoughts, ideas, observations, hopes, dreams, memories, complaints and what ever else comes to mind. Politics, government, finance, tv, movies, books, marriage, whatever.
Rated: PG for some language.


* Macaroni Kid South Valley
– Going BanAnaS looking for things for your kids to do in the SLC area? Subscribe to my weekly newsletter written by a Utah mom. It’s FREE! If you aren’t from the area, subscribe anyway for great recipes, crafts, parenting tips and more!
Rated: G

* Magically Ordinary
– Scenes from a magically ordinary life. one husband. three boys. two dogs. over committed. under paid. sometimes comical. quite often chaotic. once in awhile even snarky. often escape into a good book. ordinary but never ever dull. always magical.
Rated PG-13

* Margaret
-I write whatever I feel like writing.
Rated: PG-13

* Me: Daily
– Musings about the whole mess of life after marriage and kids from my little spot in NYC.
Rated: PG

* Melinda
– This is a blog about everything and nothing. Apparently I have trouble with commitment to a specific topic or title.
Rated: PG-13

* Mind of a Mad Woman
-Random ramblings from a completely insane mother of two.
Rated: PG-13

* Mindi’s Manic Meanderings
– As the title states, I’m all over the place.
Rated: PG

* Mixed Metaphor
– Fiction by Jenn
Rated: G

* Momma’s Pixie Dreams
-I am a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, amongst everything else just trying to find my way through this life. As my husband likes to say I am an acquired taste, like a fine wine. I blog about my experiences of sorting through the pixie dust that is my life.
Rated: PG

* Mommy is in the Bathroom
-Mmmmm… it’s a hodge podge of nothing really. And good thing I signed up this for today, I was thinking of running a couple pornos on my site and starting an illegal sports betting pool. I won’t now though lol. But if I do in the future, I’d like a personal email of removal please. I don’t know if I’m pg 13 or r. I don’t usually post horribly offensive stuff, and people swear and show bare butts in pg-13… So i’ll sign up for R to be safe (not that I have nips and doodles showing..), but feel free to change it. Wait, is this going to be the public explanation of my blog? I should probably re-write this if so.
Rated: R (ish)

* Mommy’s Theories
– Stay at home stepmom of twin 4 yo girls. Write about thoughts, theories, or whatever happens to be in my head at that time. I write what I think or feel whether you agree with me or not.
Rated: PG

* Musings of a Catholic Lady
-My hands are full. My heart overflows.
Rated: G

* My Kids are My Teachers
– My blog is basically just daily ramblings from a mother of two toddlers who needs a little break now and then for myself.
Rated: G

* My Life, My Glory
– My journey as a wife, mother and our day to day adventures.
Rated: G
* My Silence is Choking Me
– Fun times had by all, well at least by me. Had to make it invitation only after stalker ex threatened my very sanity over my other blog. I will accept any other readers! Love ya!
NOTE: To gain permission to read this blog please email the blog owner at
Rated: PG

* Monica’s C.R.A.P!
-Blog carnivals, my life, my kids, my soapbox, my family, it’s a little bit of everything!
Rated: PG

* MommyBrain
– Random thoughts, silly stories, and occasional insights from a mama of two!
Rated: PG

* My Future Outlook
Rated: PG



* …One CrazyAssMomma…
-single mom forgets to filter her words πŸ˜‰
Rated: R

* 1 Random Girl
1 random girl is a blog about faith, family, photography, decorating, fashion, food, traveling and all things random.
Rated: G

* Our Favorite Things
– We are a family of 6 and my husband and I have been married now for 14 1/2 years. We are the parents of 3 beautiful girls and to 1 handsome little guy. We are LDS but are friends of people of many faiths.
Rated: PG


* Parenting by Dummies
– A guide to parenting by someone who has done all the things you don’t want to do. Actually, is more of a warning really.
Rated: PG-13

*Pedaling Fast & Trying to Keep Up

a little bit of family life, things to buy, tips, recipes, politics & faith.

Rated: G

* Pretty All True
– “Pretty All True” is a blog about (among other things) parenting, motherhood, grey hair, marriage, temper tantrums, dysfunctionality, and occasionally difficult children.”
Rated: PG-13

* Pretty Pink Momma
-I like to share chic, awesome and functional finds for moms, babies and children. I have tons of product reviews and giveaways too. I also like to spice things up by sharing stories from my crazy life before and after my three boys graced me with their presence.
Rated: PG

* Princess of Sarcasm
-Nuggets from a Southern Fried Princess
Rated: G

* Peterson~St. Louis
– Our life and adventures in St. Louis. I post pics of my family and all the beautiful sites to see in St. Louis.
Rated: PG



* Real World Venus VS. Mars
– It’s a blog about real relationships. Contributors talk about relationship concerns and relate them to their own relationships. We also have Group Therapy where questions are emailed in and answered by our commenters, we have a He Said She Said post where the battle of the sexes battle out topics!
Rated: PG-13


* Shark Bait
– Humorous look at life as a mom, wife and woman. Lots of sarcasm.
Rated: PG13

* She Says…..
– This, that and the other with a lot of bad words in between.
Rated: R

* Sincerely, Jenni
– I’m a 30-something mom living in small-town Iowa (GO HAWKS!!) β€” trying to keep my sanity juggling the family calendar. I have 2 children, 2 stepchildren, a husband, 1 cat and 2 dogs. I work full-time too. Put all that together, you might think I’m also full-time crazy.
Rated: PG-13

* Single and Sane
– Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, but (hopefully) always encouraging and thought-provoking. Single and Sane isn’t just for singles! I’m a single Christian who never expected to be single this long. I write to encourage others in faith, and in life, and try to throw in some humor along the way.
Rated: Pg-13

* Single Filipina
-We welcome you to sign up for a free account to host your personal ad here and find chat mates. We do not advertise that you might find a husband or Filipina wife.
Rated: PG

* Smell The Coffee Lisa
-Because the grass isn’t always greener, and life is never exactly what it seems. A blog full of Arts and Crafts, Pets and life with a few recipes and crazyness in between.
Rated: PG

* So Many Kids, So Little Time
-My humorous life as a mother, stepmother, wife, and homeschooler.
Rated: G

* So much to say, so little time
– Life at the intersection of faith, parenting and the written word.
Rated: PG

* South of Sheridan
– South of Sheridan is about looking at this crazy world from a set of sarcastic brown eyes and an electric wheelchair, and is my humble attempt at merging my love of writing, social media, and sick sense of humor.
Rated: Pg-13

* Speaking From the Crib
– humor
Rated: PG-13

* A Southern Belle Trying Not To Rust
The rants, ravings and random thoughts of a 40-something single Southern girl. The topics range from dating in your 40s to working for crazy attorneys to adjusting to country life after being a city girl. Come stop by – there’s an extra rocker on the front porch!
Rated: PG

* Stir Fry Awesomeness
– A little snark, a little sass, with some rants and complaints thrown in for good measure.
Rated: PG-13

* Suburban Yogini
– A blog about yoga, food, books, health, glitter and loving yourself.
Rated: G


* 2 Much Testosterone
– I’m a mom to three boys. My husband is currently a stay at home super dad by day and a student by night. I kicked Postpartum Depression’s ass since the birth of my third son. This blog originated to help with my PPD but has evolved into so much more.
Rated: R

* 29 and Counting
-Running a house, raising a son and trying to keep my sanity one day at a time. Light hearted, fun, sarcastic peek into the world of a long haul truck driver’s wife.
Rated: PG

* Tammy’s Two Cents
– My blog is for every woman of every age out there. Reviews, Giveaways, Tips, and just plain fun! Come take a look and see for yourself!
Rated: G

* TangledEutopia
-A place to come when you want to feel better about your life! Laugh with me, not AT me as you watch how I handle husbands, hormones, and hyper kids!
Rated: PG

* Terra Del Sol
– Our family is searching for a ranch in San Luis Obispo, California. We want to start an orchard of Italian Olives, and a vineyard of Italian grapes. We will also have our very own museum of “Italian Classics”. While we are searching I share recipes, funny stories, art and photographs.
Rated: G

* That’s What She Said
– A whole lot of nothing. Okay, not really. But stuff I like, find amusing, want to share and journal.
Rated: PG-13

* The Bare Essentials Today
– personal, dating, being single blog.
Rated: R

* The Bristol Project
– Funny (did I just say ‘funny’ about my own blog?? Pathetic!) stories, recipes, and more where we talk about losing weight, raising kids, and what we made for dinner.
Rated: G

* The Figments of a Mom

-I’m a writer by profession and a wanna-be business owner, traveler, photographer and omniscient creative force. I like to tell it like it is, and prefer people who do the same. My blog is insights, pet peeves and random observations of a working mom trying to keep it all together.

Rated: R

* The Grounded Drink Lady
-The life of a Flight Attendant on a year leave taking care of two boys!
Rated: PG-13

* The Misadventures of Mrs. B
– Do you like to chuckle at the misfortunes of others? Do you like to cook and/or eat food? Do you occasionally smile or nod knowingly at a refreshing piece of insight? Well then, this blog is for YOU!
Rated: G

* The One and Only Oka
– SAHM of four wonderful (okay, mostly rotten) children. I am busy with my kids schedules and the thought of four kids scares most women away in this town, so I look to finding my friendships online. I have made several close friends this way, there are always room for more.
Rated: PG-13

* The Photographed Past
-Just a blog about my life with pictures added.
Rated: G

* The Ramblings of a Disgruntled Secretary
– The (just about) daily musings of me, Meeko Fabulous, a disgruntled secretary. Life as a desk jockey mixed with one part sarcasm, one part, sass and two parts vodka. πŸ™‚ I use swear words, but I censor myself, ie., @$$, b@#$%, etc. Hope you come visit me! πŸ™‚
Rated: G

* The Testosterone Three and Me
– A blog about a mom and the three people of the male persuasion she lives with.
Rated: G

* THIRTY: Own Up To Being Grown-Up
– My Subject: Being Thirty. But wait. You don’t have to be thirty to read my blog. My posts are rooted in the life experiences of my friends, relatives, and (un)willing strangers. They examine big questions: How do I make my professional dreams come true? Why am I still getting pimples?
Rated: PG

* This is my Life

-I ramble on about whatever is on my mind, or going on in my life. I also like to play along with fun cool blogs like Sticky Note Tuesday from Supah Mommy & WIMTS from Chief
Rated: PG-13

* Thoughts of a Career Woman
-This blog is about my experiences as a career women in a high-tech company, my hobbies and all the nice things that I do in life.
Rated: G

* Time Out Mama!
– Every Mama needs a time out. This blog is mine, and anyone else who wants to join in on the fun of just taking a time out for themselves! Sometimes reading about someone elses craziness, ideas, or ranting is just the out one needs to feel sane!
Rated: PG-13

* The Grasshoppa Tales
– I blog about my real life drama raising triplets (one with Autism), a teenager and 19 month-old momma leachy baby.
Complete with my addiction to StarBucks coffee, my obsession with stalking SmartCars, and my irrational fear of dentists and airplanes. Oh, and how I met my man when we were both in diapers. I still think he is hawt after all these years. Pitter patter.
Rated: Pg-13

* Two Little Monkeys Plus Hubby
-Come join me as I blog about my crazy life with my two little monkeys and hubby. I’m a stay at home mom just having fun!
Rated: PG-13

* The “Wright” Ways of Life
– Just our normal and crazy way of life with little tidbits in between.
Rated: G

* Today’s Cliche
– A candid look at how very differently women and men illustrate the cliches that apply to their lives.
Rated: PG-13

* Things I Can’t Say
– A mom’s anonymous and therefore honest take on all things mom: mommy groups, marriage, and parenting her kids without losing her mind.
Rated: PG-13

* Treating Gum Disease the Natural Way
-Gum disease is a common and misunderstood disease which can effect the over all health of your body.
Learn about the causes and the natural cures for swollen gums, bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontal gum disease.
Rated: G


* Until Tomorrow, Val

– about me:
just sharing little occurrences in everyday life
hosting dinner parties, interior design, reading, scrapbooking, traveling, relaxing, sharing creative ideas, baking, deepening my relationship with God, cool crafts, great flea market finds, bargain shopping, trying new recipes
Rated: G



*Weezers Haven
– wife, mother, grandmother. Christian interested in reading, music, photography, new child-raising methods. Health problems but with hopes of recovering. Pediatric nurse (temporarily) retired. Many, many interests. Addicted to blogging.
Rated: G

* Welcome to Laurieville Population 1
– A little bit of this, a little bit of that…
Rated: PG

* What Cancer Cannot Do
– Everyday wife, mother of 3 and working Mom as a Cancer/Operating Room Nurse; the world as my mind absorbs and recalls it. Some is family; most is simply a place to put my thoughts so they will stop hounding me.
Rated: PG




Life Music & Laughter
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